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GoldenEye_x64.sys    Thesycon GmbH, Germany
GoldenEye.sys    Thesycon GmbH, Germany
GoldenEye.dll    X-Rite Europe GmbH
gfsdk_waveworks.dll    N/A    N/A
GLTFExporterPlugin.dll    Adobe
game_presence-32.dll    N/A    NCSOFT Corporation
gxxmiscutil.dll    2019.4.5.1128    Garena Online
game_presence-64.dll    N/A    NCSOFT Corporation
generaltel.dll    10.0.17060.1030    Microsoft Corporation
GPIB32.dll    KIE
gAnnotations90.dll    31.0.2014.440    PTC Inc.
gafbase.dll    18.0.11898.0    CNC Software, Inc.
GeoAudio.acm    GeoVision Inc.
GvUsb-x64.exe    GeoVision
GVT68Series-x64.sys    GeoVision Inc.
GVT68Series.sys    GeoVision Inc.
GVS7Series-x64.sys    GeoVision Inc.
GVS7Series.sys    GeoVision Inc.
GVS6Series-x64.sys    GeoVision Inc.
GVS6Series.sys    GeoVision Inc.
GV3008-x64.sys    GeoVision Inc.
GV3008Cap-x64.sys    GeoVision Inc.
GV3008Cap.sys    GeoVision Inc.
GV3008.sys    GeoVision Inc.
GV1480-x64.sys    GeoVision Inc.
GV1480.sys    GeoVision Inc.
GVAudio-x64.sys    GeoVision Inc.
GVVideo-x64.sys    GeoVision Inc.
gameservice1.bin    undefined version    undefined company
group.vpp    undefined version    undefined company
GoogleAnalyticsTracker.dll    GoogleAnalyticsTracker - A C# library for tracking Google Analytics.
GasMaterialBalance.dll    Fekete Associates Inc.
GasLift.dll    2011, 12, 21, 0    Ryder Scott Company, L. P.
Gyrum.ExtensionMethods.dll    1.0.1109.0608    ISACA, Inc.
gwolectl.dll    5, 0, 2, 3    GRIT 5.0 Library contains the OLE Control Container
gwocc.dll    5, 0, 2, 3    GRIT 5.0 Library contains the Independent OLE Control Container
gc6890.dll    E.02.02    Agilent
gc689032.dll    E.02.02    Agilent
gc689032chs.dll    E.02.02    Agilent
gc685032.dll    E.02.02    Agilent
gc689032jpn.dll    E.02.02    Agilent
gc685032chs.dll    E.02.02    Agilent
gc6890chs.dll    E.02.02    Agilent
gc685032jpn.dll    E.02.02    Agilent
gc7890chs.dll    E.02.02    Agilent
gc7890jpn.dll    E.02.02    Agilent
gc6890jpn.dll    E.02.02    Agilent
gc7890.dll    E.02.02    Agilent
gcdll.dll    E.02.01    Agilent
gcdllchs.dll    E.02.01    Agilent
gcdlljpn.dll    E.02.01    Agilent
gcf6890.dll    E.00.00    Agilent
gcf7890.dll    E.00.00    Agilent
gcfpaws.dll    E.00.00    Agilent
gcf_aia.dll    E.00.00    Agilent
gr_tif_printer_setup.exe       This installation was built with Inno Setup.
GuiPiele.dll    unknown    BullGuard Ltd.
gncalc32.dll    Momentum
GetFLV.v9.0.x.x-RES-patch.exe    unknown    GetFLV, Inc.
GFlvKgn.exe    unknown    GetFLV, Inc.
GPMS.exe    3.03.0005    PNRD
gkrypt.dll    unknown    gKrypt Data Security Solutions
gkrypt.exe    gKrypt Data Security Solutions
gkt.dll    unknown    gKrypt Data Security Solutions
gcl52fc.dll    unknown    Secure International Holdings Pte. Ltd.
GPRSAgent.exe    Secure International Holdings Pte. Ltd.
Graphx_P.ocx    FR
geki8up1_01.exe    unknown    unknown
global.mapper.v14.0.0.b091212.x86-ismail.exe    unknown    Blue Marble Geographics
Ginfo.exe    Клиент информационной системы Гранд Строй-Инфо
GraphicWorks10Res.dll    1.3.511.0    Graphic Works 7 Image DLL
GraphicWorks10.exe    1.3.511.0    GraphicWorks10
GraphicWorks101031.dll    1.3.511.0    GraphicWorks10
grafx.dll    ThouVis Software Ltd.
Gnomzy.exe    unknown    MyPlayCity, Inc.
GpibInstr.dll    Tektronix, Inc.
GpibRes.dll    Tektronix, Inc.
Ghostbusters.exe    514.1.13229.9919 (AL    Fenixx--Repack--(10.05.2011)
gpuchess.exe    unknown    the GPU Development Team
gpuse_crawler.exe    unknown    the GPU Development Team
gpu_cpp_demo.exe    unknown    the GPU Development Team
GRANCHI!.EXE    unknown    the GPU Development Team
gitdll.dll    1, 5, 8, 0    TortoiseGit
GraphicsDesk.exe    3, 0, 8, 25    GraphicsDesk
GSNdisVerify.exe    MultiNetwork Manager 7
GSActivateWnd.exe    MultiNetwork Manager 9

(5485) gpedit.msc
(4398) Gsqq.dll
(3553) gixo.exe
(3311) GWID.DLL
(2921) gdi42.dll
(2780) gpci.exe
(2136) gstk.dll
(2134) gfxui.exe
(2122) gctw.exe
(2079) GMdll.dll
(2046) gwxa.dll
(1891) grtd.exe
(1742) gomr.exe
(1667) gsak.exe
(1595) Gta-vc.exe
(1516) graspp.dll
(1403) gmoe.dll
(1399) grgb.exe
(1383) gzmi.dll
(1278) Gppw.exe
(1230) gulim.ttc
(1223) GRWG.exe
(1205) gwbv.exe
(1189) gm.dls
(1090) gdi9.hdi